Reviewing What you have Learned
Lesson 1 "Pop Quiz"
Goals and Objectives for Lesson 1:
Upon successful completion of the lesson the student will have an understanding
of the Island of Ireland, its Geography, government, culture and peoples so that they
will be able to accurately plan travel routes to specific geographic locations, and accurately characterize the Government of the Island and the cultures of the peoples resident therein.

Tips for Successful Active Learning
The easiest way to master course information is to put it to active use. This is done by
making craft projects and recipes.  Tell the short tales presented in class to a friend and
discuss the material covered in conversation. If you can talk about a topic you can generally
be sure that you have mastered the topic! When you make the recipes, and crafts and when
you tell the short tales, you are not only learning but you are bringing culture to life both for
yourself and for others. Give it a try today! Be sure to bring any questions that might come
up to class.

This script will automatically check your answers for you. See how good you are at these questions; if you get more than seven, move on!

 Objective: answer 7 questions correctly. JavaScript required!

1. WARM-UP:The name Erin which became Ireland is derived from: ?

Gaelic for Island
The Word Green in Irish
The Goddess Eriu
From Erin Go Bragh

2.The Geography of Ireland can be said to be _____________?

a green mountain
a large flat plain
a steep canyon
an oval soup bowl with its edges chipped

3.Ireland is about the size of which U.S. State?

West Virginia

4.It takes how long to cross Ireland by train?.

3.5 hours
8 hours
24 hours
1 hour

5.The Currency of Ireland is called the_________?:


 6.The Leader of Ireland is called the_____________?

Prime Minister

7.The First people came to Ireland in the_____________ period?

Iron Age
Bronze Age

 8. The Irish today most identify with which ancient culture"?

Middle Ages

9.The Republic Consists of _______ Counties.


 10.The Native Language of Ireland is?:

Norman French

A few things to do for Extra Credit!

1. Go to the Irish Culture web pages click here find the map section and go to the large detailed map of Ireland.  Plot your course from Dublin to the town of your choice. Once you have written a set of directions for reaching your destination search the www with lycos click here and read more about your destination.

2. Go to the government pages of Britain (for Northern Ireland)click here  and The Republic click here.  Select an aspect of government- police, trade, education...
Compare and contrast the aspect in the province with the same aspect of government in the Republic- what are the differences?

3. If you are planning a trip to Ireland it is time to start gathering basic information.
    Call the tourist organizations of each part of the island (for the Republic click
    here ) For the province Northern Ireland click here)and request information.
    You can  also use the toll-free numbers found here click here.
    Remember to be specific. If you are not specific they will only send the basic
    guide. There are often many guides available. Once these are on their way write
    out a list of your 10 most important reasons or objectives for going to Ireland.
    List also your favorite century in history, your favorite period of art and a few
    aspects of Ireland which interest you for example: flowers, horses, pubs, sports...

4. Go to the Irish-Times click here and the Belfast Telegraph click here. Select a major news story and keep track of it during the course.

Now! You should be on your way! Cook those recipes and tell those tales!
Put a little life into the culture and share it with your family and friends.
Please contact me should there be any questions. Send e-mal click here

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