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       We invite your creativity in the study and commemoration of the Famine and look forward to helping with  your  work.
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As you  learn  about  the potato  you might wonder what the  victims  of the famine might  have  wanted you to do with your  knowledge. Perhaps they would  have wanted  you  to feed a  hungry  person- what  can  you do  in your  community  today  to combat  hunger?

Consider becoming involved in a "Spud Out  Day" Sept. 9 each year an International focus upon the danger faced by worldwide potato crops due to the same fungus which caused the Great Famine, and upon the persistence of Famine in the Modern World. The Event will call for: Giving up potatoes for a day and donating those same potatoes to the hungry. This is an ideal project for Biology as well As History which also has a Service aspect for students to become motivated to help the Hungry. Other commemorative suggestions are found here just click!

Some Ideas....

  • There are many popular songs about the potato and even about the famine. Research potato named bands and songs collect the recordings and plan an event of potato music and groups. You can collect potatoes and potato products for admission and give the proceeds to charity. You might wish to explore how the potato has influenced popular culture- couch potato etc...
  • Determine the amount of potatoes consumed by your class as a whole during one week. Then try to donate one day's worth to charity.
  • At the cafeteria students can sell buttons or texts about the famine instead of fries or other potato products on the menu. Use the money to purchase potatoes for the hungry.
  • Check into current events to learn about famines world wide. How are they like the Irish potato famine? How could famines be solved. How can you make a difference in these countries?

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