Potato Candy

Using a box of confectioners sugar, combine with evaporated milk to make a thick dough. Mix until smooth. Make into potato shapes and roll in cinnamon. Let dry on flat cookie sheets until hard and dry. You can add a little flavoring--whisky, nuts, extracts--when you add the milk. To add eyes, use fork to texture potato.

Another Potato Candy recipe contributed by C. Burnett:

Boil a medium sized potato until done. I leave the skin on and peel it after it's cooked...as if I were making potato salad. Mash the cooked potato. Then add powdered sugar until a dough forms. I think it's better to wait until the potato is cooled because if you don't, the sugar melts and you seem to have to add a lot more sugar than if the potato were cooled.

Roll the dough out to whatever thickness you like. I usually roll it to about 1/4 inch or maybe a little thicker. Spread peanut butter (crunchy or smooth) onto the rolled out dough. Roll the candy up and wrap it in wax paper or plastic wrap. Put it in the refrigerator to harden it up a little. Slice and eat. Yummm.

From Diane Cooper:

There is a candy we used to call Potato Fudge - can't recall exactly how it was made, but I remember my mother boiling potatoes & then mashing icing sugar into it with coconut shreds and (I believe) some milk.

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