Bibliography of the Great Famine
 (Ireland 1845)
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The Irish Potato Famine - Don, Nardo; Hardcover

The Great Famine : Ireland's Potato Famine 1845-51
John Percival / Hardcover / Published 1996

The Irish Potato Famine
Don, Nardo / Hardcover / Published 1990

The Long March : The True Story of the Choctaw Indians' Gift to the Irish During the Potato Famine
Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick, et al / Hardcover / Published 1998

The famished land: a novel of the Irish potato famine
Elizabeth Byrd
(Hard to Find)

The famished land; a novel of the Irish potato famine
Elizabeth Byrd
(Hard to Find)

Potato Famine and the Irish Emigrants
P.F. Speed / Published 1976
(Hard to Find)

The visitation of God? : the potato and the great Irish famine
Austin Bourke
(Hard to Find)

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This is the proceedings of the European Association for Potato Research (EAPR) - Pathology Section - Conference, held in Trinity College Dublin, September 1995.

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Includes discussion of the impact of the Famine on the Irish language in southern County Kilkenny. A copy of the thesis is also available at Waterford Municipal Library, Lady Lane, Waterford, Ireland.

 Gallagher, Thomas (1982). Paddy's Lament: Ireland 1846-47. 345 pp. American author. Currently available in paperback in major bookstores.

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Deals with output and productivity in pre-Famine and post-Famine Ireland.

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             Articles Include:

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A page-long appreciation of the work of the late Austin Bourke.

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Contents (of Famine Section only):

Woodham-Smith, Cecil (1962). The Great Hunger: Ireland 1845-1849. Reprinted as Penguin paperback 1991. Currently available in major book stores.

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Boland, Eavan. (1994)  In Time of Violence., Manchester: Carcanet Press.

                        (1990) Outside History, Manchester: Carcanet Press

Carleton, William. (1847) The Black Prphet: A Tale of Irish Famine, London, Simms and McIntyre.

Kenny, Sean (1995). The Hungry Earth. Wolfhound Press.
This novel is significant in that it is set in modern 1990s Dublin and Galway, with flashbacks to the 1840s famine period, and is the first novel to tackle the issues of present-day responses and aspects of 'transgenerational' impacts on the Irish people today. It is the author's first novel, and Mr Kenny, who now lives in California, recently participated in the San Francisco Bay Area Book Fair panel discussion on the famine. - contributed by Seamus Cashman

 Mangan, James (1993). Famine Diary: Gerard kegan's diary of a coffin ship journey. Wolfhound Press.

 O'Flaherty, Liam (n.d.). Famine. Wolfhound Press.
This is the classic novel on the great famine, and was reviewed by Anthony Burgess as "a masterpiece...the kind of truth that only a major writer of fiction is capable of." [reviewed in The Irish Press]

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Fewer, Greg (1997) 'Archaeology, the Great Irish Famine and the World
Wide Web', in Archaeological Computing Newsletter 47, pp. 10-15.

Fewer, T. G. (1997) 'The archaeology of the Great Irish Famine: time
for a beginning?', in Group for the Study of Irish Historic
Settlement Newsletter 8, pp. 8-13.

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Sound Recordings 

OCRAS           Music from the
                        Famine Remembrance
                            Michael Rooney

                1.The Potato Drill
                2.Na Maithe Móra (The Gentry)
                3.Landlords of Ireland
                4.The Exile / New-Found-Land
                6.Chapel Street / Sailing from Sligo
                7.An Gorta Mór
                8.The Rebels March
                9.Caoineadh na dTrí Muire
                10.Reels: The Boys of Ballisadare / Splendid Isolation
                11.Caoineadh Eibhlín
       All tracks except 3, 9 and 10 Composed and arranged by Michael Rooney.
       Tracks 3 and 9 Trad. Arr. Collette McDevitt. Track 10 Trad. Arr. Michael

               To order a CD

       Send a cheque for £13 or $22 (including post and package) to:

       Michael Rooney
       Co Monaghan

       A personal Cheque will suffice.


Long Journey Home (BMG/Unisphere) 1998, Van Morrison, Elvis Costello, Vince Gill, The Chieftains, Sinead O'Connor, Mary Black, Eileen Ivers [of Riverdance] and

Does anyone know anything about this?
Paddy Moloney (of the Chieftains) is in the process of composing a large-scale symphonic tribute to
the Famine victims. A 1994 visit to the memorial at Grosse Ile, where huge
numbers of Famine immigrants lie in mass graves, solidified his impulse to
create the work. See this web page click here 

"I'm Leaving Tipperary" (1994) GlobeStyle Irish - CDORB082,
London, UK
"From Galway To Dublin" (1995) Rounder Records - CD 1087,
Cambridge, MA
"Wheels Of The World - Volumes 1 & 2" (1997) Yazoo, A Division Of
Shanachie Entertainment - YAZOO 7008 & 7009
"Out Of Ireland - Soundtrack" (1995) Shanachie Entertainment - 79092,
New York, NY
Black '47 - "Green Suede Shoes" (1996) Mercury records, New York,NY

                  "Fires Of Freedom". (1993) EMI

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"The Irish in America: Long Journey Home" (1998)
                        ( Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Inc.)

"Out Of Ireland - The Story Of Irish Immigration To America"
(1995) - Shanachie Entertainment Crop, New Jersey

"When Ireland Starved - The Great Famine" - Celtic Video, New
York, NY

"The Field" (1990) - Directed By Jim Sheridan - Starring Richard Harris,
John Hurt, Brenda Ficker, Tom Berenger

The assistance of many contributors to this bibliography is gratefully acknowledged. This bibliography is a collective effort of readers and researchers from around the world who have sent in listings. Among those who have done so are Seamus Cashman, Greg Fewer, Ken Johnston, JD Donohue, & Lisa Shields.

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