NUT-Messaih-CRACKER-Have one!
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What can ya do!? Same old Christmas selections! So Little Time! Now there is help! One concert suits all. The Nutcracker and the Messiah together-forever! No  nasty concerts of amateurs or bored professionals to have to deal with! All in one! Just Start at the top of the list and click your way all the way down!  Or do them in any order.  We have even provided a fully liberated version of each part! Enjoy! When you have  heard it you can print out this certificate click for all to see and appreciate. And then you will be free from both works for all time! Click here. All in one big file for your listening amazement! It's big but it's all together! Click here!  
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13.Pifa (Pastoral Symphony)
14.There were shepherds abiding in the fields
14A Chinese Dance

15.And the angel said unto them

16.And suddenly there was with the angel

16ADance of the Reed Flutes

17.Glory to God in the highest

18.Rejoice greatly,   O daughter of Zion

19.Then shall the eyes of the blind be opened

20.He shall feed His flock like a shepherd

21.His yoke is easy, and His burden is light

21A Dance of the Mirlitons

That Chorus!    That Chorus SPIKED!