Philosophy Another man from the book of kells is here!

These pages are designed to provide free access to primary materials.

These pages look to the Future of Celtic/Irish Studies with the hope that as study and research progresses we all can avoid the narrowing of scope of interest which comes from ethnocentric bias  Do not expect anything here to be politically correct-how could we make these treasures conform to the valid and individual perspectives of each and every reader!? Be aware of the way your own personal, and cultural, folklore has perhaps also twisted reality for the dramatic effect of a good story or for its own political ends. I ask you to view these cultural treasures primarily- as artifacts-as expressions and creations which are valid and important without reference to politically and culturally charged contexts. It is only then that they can become available to all of humankind as dynamic resources.

Now- these works of art and creativity only glow here on your screen as static artifacts, but, they can become truly alive if you will take a minute or so to use them, exercise them, and, after installing them within your own mind- pass them on to another.  I hope that you will do this do this so that the accomplishments of generations of those who have come before us to do battle with the daemons of this world will lead to the immediate improvement of the human condition

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