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The  Book  of  Guy Fawkes  Day
And Its   Bonfire Night
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Guy Fawkes  Day

And its   Bonfire Night

Volume VIII

Guy Fawkes in America from Pope Night to Pork Day

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Purposes of these Pages

Criticism and Comment-These pages hope to encourage a lively debate concerning issues relating to the Gunpowder Plot and its  celebration. To this end we provide critiques and reviews for your consideration  as well as active on line forums for debate such as a guest book, an e.mail subscription list and a chat room for active discussion.
News Reporting-Despite being an historical event the gunpowder plot and its celebration is often the focus for current news articles. We hope that these pages will provide up to the minute coverage of news stories relating to the plot so as to inform research and scholarship and to aid in the teaching of the plot and its celebration. We are always seeking news stories which can conveyed to us via e.mail or via the e.mail list or the Guest Book .Please include complete sources when making submissions.
Teaching-One of the most important purposes of this on line/electronic classroom is to educate. The information on the pages is provided for study.  There are many ways these pages can be used for teaching. Individuals may use the pages for independent study; reading and studying them and taking a test to evaluate their learning. Additionally, the pages can be used as teaching aids by  teachers wishing to extend their teaching via on-line sources.

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From time to time the pages will be utilized by the Center for Fawkesian Pursuits as a resource for on-line learning utilizing the chat room for real time lecturing and discussion with reference to the  pages. (check the Guest Book for details of times and dates of instruction).  Please note that all copies of these pages must be used only for non-profit, non-commercial purposes for classroom (including electronic/on-line  classroom) use. By downloading them for teaching purposes you must be following a course of study either defined by yourself or defined by an institution use is limited to one semester and one course title..

Research & Scholarship- These pages represent a dynamic on-going academic non-profit and non-commercial research effort. They serve as a central location of information collected  by a wide variety of contributors. The research topics of the pages are those  relating to the Gunpowder Plot and its Celebration. Research use includes utilization of the pages to inform the collection of information for submission to the pages and for the planning of future research to contribute to the pages. Research use is restricted to non-profit and non-commercial use. The intent of the research use of these pages is not to provide for publication, but rather, to inform, update  and  provide a  central and dynamic source of information for the  teaching, instruction, comment, criticism and news reporting functions of these pages.

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