Enter the Mystery and Wonder of Guy Fawkes Day / Bonfire Night Celebrations

Through active learning, read, Meditate, Discuss and Explore using the Historic Readings, Chants, Bonfire Prayers Recipes, Music and much more. Discover how it had deeply permeated English Culture. Let it become a part of your own-much more than entertainment alone.

A great teaching  aid and  a  wonderful resource for developing meaningful celebration.  Hand them out and soon the celebration will come alive!

Its a way of passing tradition through eye of the ear's needle in small bits so it can cross over and be installed in the soul of the brain!

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Exeter 1882


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How to use this collection:

There are many ways…here are a few….

1. Random Access: Perhaps the best way! Simply open the card deck to an entry. Read then tell.

2. Sorted–  Sort the cards for whatever purpose suits. You

    will then have a topical presentation.

3. Cultural Interaction– Have each person in a group select a story.  Have each person read  

    through their card and exchange it with their neighbor without reading, just telling it as

    they remember it. You can also send cards with invitations. There are many type sizes and  

     lengths. Some are simply short images for the imagination. Something for everyone.

4. In Class. Follow along as the entry is told. Capture the outline scheme then read once

    again for the details. Finally tell the entry without reference to the card. Don’t memorize! Tell!

Just Remember- The card entry becomes part of you- YOUR story! Just use the card to get started!

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When I teach or organize an event I always come with my black file box of cards .  I take a moment in each class to pass them out to my students. Each student gets a card and reads the short line or short entry from it.  Then the students are instructed to pair up with one another selecting someone in the class that they do not know. Then, each tells the  or reads the card to the other. In this way after each class period each student has two new entries. After exchanging them I ask students to select the strangest of the lot. Undoubtedly this process focuses upon elements of Traditional culture. One might also find this technique useful at family gatherings and party’s. It is an effective way to infuse the traditional into the contemporary and to avoid the arguments which come up at family events when there is a cultural void. 

The cards are punched and bound with 2 book rings that open allowing the cards to be re-arranged.

Take a moment to raise up these entries from the printed page and place them back into the living culture where they might take on new life. I have included both the very short and the moderate length entries.  This gives the reader a choice. Some do not do as well reading the longer as the shorter. Additionally, I have tried to provide a variety of styles. This “stew” aids in identifying aesthetic which runs through the  tradition as a constant through time.

For decades I have worked to transmit complex multi-dimensional celebrations-those made up from many artifacts of celebration (song,food,procession,theater,effigy,literature...).

Although the fun of celebration is easy to convey it is a real challenge to move beyond the "party" aspect.  For me celebration is so much more than that.  So I compiled information and created large books.  While this is a starting point one can hardly expect the potential celebrant to read a 400 page book and then if they do they are likely to read at a low level of comprehension-entertainment again.

How does one pass the mystery and deep wonder past the entertainment/brain barrier so that the celebration is more meaningfully/permanently conveyed-transmitted so that it will be practiced incorporated into the seasonal round?

I turned to active learning/reading.  If the potential celebrant encounters the material artifacts then efficiently knows how they are created-their form---then they can understand how they formally work together-function then they will be able to construct a final meaningful relationship.

The celebration can then transcend entertainment to become something on has to do.  The celebrant will comprehend the value of the disclosure of the  dark folkloric landscape that the celebration accomplishes at a higher level. The celebration can be transmitted-installed, if you will!

The good thing is that the comprehension is cumulative and...they can still have fun.

They can even have fun getting there!

The way I suggest doing this is by disassembling the complex artifacts of celebration  into small parts-such that they fit on 5x8 cards.  I then make the cards available for celebrants-on dinner tables, in informal read meditate and q&a sessions......they read share discuss think meditate and wonder. I generally do this as celebrants gather over drinks and  snacks. They almost visibly change! Now its not just fun but something amazing. The group experiences  the Chinese fortune cookie  effect-lots  of  interaction....

To let others give  this a  try I have created card books bound  with metal  rings that open for re-arrangement/copying etc....
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Fawkes Cards Facts

220 5x8 cards

Covers laminated

Two book rings


Can be re-arranged

Music, literature, history, recipes, chants/Bonfire Prayers To Order

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Many items are excerpts only-

Introduction    3
Preface    4
Martis, 5 Novembris, 1605 Gunpowder Plot.    6
November 5, 1605    8
Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610, January 1606    10
As cited in:  England’s warning-peece: or The History of the gun-powder treason:inlarged with some notable passages not heretofore published.  Whereunto is annexed the Act of Parliament for publick thanksgiving upopn the fifth day of November yearly. By T.S.    11
1641- Novembris Monstrum, A.B.C.D.E.,    12
Chronology of the Plot and Celebration    13
1859- The End, "VICTORIA R.    23
1617- Lancelot Andrewes-On ThanksgivingI    25
Lancelot Andrewes, 1607-On Thanksgiving II    26
Foundation    41
Bonfire Prayers/ Chants    42
Chant Origins    45
1606, John Rhodes    47
1626, The Discovery of the Powder Plot, Anno, 1605    48
1651- Please to Remember    49
1681- Roger L'Estrange, Numb. 1 A New DIALOGUE  BETWEEN Some body and No body. OR THE Observator Observed.  Friday, November 25. 1681.    50
1690- Anon.    51
1677- Poor Robins Almanack    52
1865- Bedfordshire    53
   c. 1890-  Berkshire    54
1888- Lowsley, Berkshire Words and Phrases    55
1873- Northamptonshire    56
Guy Fawkes, Guy.    57
1827- Wiltshire    58
1892- Worcestershire    59
Westmoreland    60
1895- Kirkby Stephen, Westmoreland    62
1903- Oxfordshire    63
1849- The Fifth of November    64
Traditional    65
1897- Oxfordshire Guy Fawkes' Song    66
1903- Sussex    67
Sussex    68
Lewes, Sussex    69
1998- Sussex    70
1883- Herrings, Sussex    71
1873- Nottinghamshire-Clifton    72
1892- Yorkshire:    73
Yorkshire    74
1916- Guy Fawkes Day    75
1901- Northallerton.    76
1873- Derbyshire    77
Kent, Folkestone    78
1873- Lincolnshire    79
Lancashire    80
1836-  London Covent Garden    81
1858- London, Tower Hill    82
Market Rasen    83
Barnsley    84
1838- Sidney, POPERY-CONSISTENCY.    85
1839- Times of London, Letter    86
1855- Blackwood's Edinburgh Ma    87
1881- Punch Magazine    88
1889- Times Of London    89
1895- Laurence Hutton    90
1849- The North of England    91
St Catherines School    92
Wisewood    93
Smithies    94
Bradfield    95
Bradfield    96
Bradfield    97
1911- Kensington,    98
Birmingham    99
Headington    100
Beckley    101
1895- Bampton, Gunpowder Plot, Hampton    102
1849- Hampton    103
Sheffield    104
1879- Southampton    105
1822-Windsor    106
1890- Pill near Bristol    107
1889- Newburyport, Mass., USA    108
1889- Newburyport, Mass.    109
1823- Boston    110
1777-1802- Boston    111
1873- Boston, USA    112
1998- Linthicum, Maryland, The Center for Fawkesian Pursuits    113
2001- Center For Fawkesian Pursuits Chant    114
Commemorative of 9/11    114
Saturday January 29,1825-Cobbet    115
1825- J.N. Earnest, Remember…    116
1834- Stafford, Notice    117
1908- Earlscourt, Toronto, Canada    118
1742- Scotland An Agreeable Companion    119
1825- The Children's Friend, Scotland    120
Aberdeen, Scotland    121
1908- Notes and Queries    122
Old Guy Fawkes    123
1837- Radical Member    124
Quotes    125
1605- William Shakespeare, Sonnet 124,    126
1665-1695- Almanacs    127
1614- Bartholmew Fayre: A Comedie, Acted in the Yeare, 1614. By the Lady Elizabeth's Servants And then dedicated to King James, of most Blessed Memorie. Ben Jonson    128
1614- LX. TO WILLIAM LORD MOUNTEAGLE. Epigram    129
c.1605-1632- Vpon the: 5: th of November, Sir Robert Ayton    130
1621- “To God. In memorye of his double deliverance from ye invincible Navie and ye Unmatched Powder Treason, 1605.” Samuel Ward    131
1627- Popish Plots (Print), Anon.    132
1628 – 49- Of the Gunpowder Holly-day, the 5. of Nouember, Robert, fl. Hayman    133
1630-God's Manifold Mercies, John Taylor    134
1630-Upon the Powder-Treason the fifth of November 1605, John Taylor    135
1640- London Broadside, Anon    136
1752- Boston, Mass., U.S.A.    137
1645- In proditionem Bombardicam, John Milton, On the Gunpowder Plot    138
1645- In eandem, John Milton ,Translation: On the Same    139
1645- In inventorem Bombardae- On the Inventor of Gunpowder    140
1651- Epig. 36. The Powder Treason, Samuel Sheppard    141
1653- On the Anniversarie of the fifth of November. to the Fellowes of Trinity  College, Nicholas Hookes    142
1654- A Commemoration or a Calling to Minde of the Great and Eminent Deliverance from the Powder-Plot  John Turner    143
1660- Proverb. James Howell    144
1680- Anon.    145
1690 - Anon.    146
1747- The Golden Plot    147
1785-1866- WHEN JOHN OF ZISCA WENT TO KINGDOM COME, Thomas Love Peacock    148
1796- EPIGRAM XXVI., Three strangers blaze amidst a bonfire's revel, Samuel Bishop    149
1793- TOPSY TURVY: 1793, George Huddesford    150
1876- Thomas Hood, From: To Joseph Hume    151
1832- Samuel Wilderspin    152
1809- Guy Fawkes, Ann Taylor    153
1839- Charles Dickens, The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby    154
1850- Charles Dickens, David Copperfield    155
1850- Charles Dickens, A Crisis in the Affairs of Mr John Bull AS RELATED BY MRS BULL TO THE CHILDREN    156
1861- Charles Dickens, Tom Tiddler's Ground    157
1862- Charles Dickens -The Haunted House    158
1865- Charles Dickens, Our Mutual Friend    159
1866- Charles Dickens, The Signal Man    160
1864- Charles Dickens, Mrs. Lirriper's  Legacy    161
1821-22-XLII. GUNPOWDER PLOT, William Wordsworth    162
November 13, 1831- The Examiner    163
1837- EPIGRAM, Times Of London    164
1848- IX BAKER  FARM, Henry David Thoreau    165
1851- The Traveller by Night In November, Joanna Baillie    167
1853- Punch's Prize Novelists, The fat contributor, and Travels in London, W. M. Thackeray    168
1858- Bonfire Night, James Whitaker    169
1869-    Lorna Doone, A Romance of Exmoor, R. D. Blackmore    170
1883- From: Fun    171
1897- Catesby, A Tragedy of the Gunpowder Plot. In the Year 1605, Robert Catesby    172
1905- XVI.  On Mr. McCabe and a Divine Frivolity. G.K. Chesterton    173
1854- Peace and War Dialogue the Second    174
1608- Daniel Dyke    175
1640-John Goodwin    176
1642- Matthew Newcomen    177
1654- A commemoration or a Calling to Minde of the Great and Eminent Deliverance from the Powder-Plot, John Turner    178
Some Effigies    179
 1790 Bowles aand Carver, Robert Dighton    180
1877- Street Life In London,JohnThomson and Adolphe Smith    182
1825-1826- George Cruikshank Print made by Charles Hunt.    183
Some Bonfires    184
Construction of pole and faggot bonfire, Australia    185
c. 1930    185
1893-Illustrated Police News 1893    186
   c. 1610- Playing Card    187
The Songs    188
1606- On Music, Lancelot Andrewes, Gunpowder Plot, Sermon I    189
c.1605-  O Lord How Joyful is the King – For the Fifth of November, Thomas Weelkes    190
1605- (1656) Upon the Gunpowder Plot,    191
1606- Robert Pricket, A Song of Reioycing for Our Late Deliuerance. From: Times Anotomie    192
1613- Bravely Deckt, Thomas Campion, From: Two Bookes of Ayres, The First Book.    193
1631- 44. —Psalm cxxiii. paraphrased by waye of thanksgiving for our great deliverances from the Papists Powder Plot: by I. Vicars Escapes away:    194
1663-1674- The Loyal Subject (as it is reason) Drinks Good Sack and is Free from Treason    195
16??- Harken ye Nations, Anon.    196
This day our God from foe’s bloodthirsty ire,    196
1813-Air. Thomas Dibden    197
1818-From: Irish Historian    198
1847- THE FIFTH OF NOVEMBER, A Bonfire Song.    199
1968-Mr. Guy Fawkes, Eire Apparent    200
The Guy Fawkes Song I    201
The Guy Fawkes Song Part II    202
Food and Drink    204
Guy Fawkes Punch    205
Jacket Potatoes    206
Cumberland Sausage    206
Cambridge Sausage    207
Oxford Sausage    208
Gloucester Sausage    209
Lincolnshire Sausage    209
Beer Parkin, Yorkshire    210
Bakestone Parkin with Honey    211
Bonfire Toffee Part 1    212
Bonfire Toffee Part 1 I    213
Source:    214
For More Information    218

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