International Day of the Dam!
Dam's Day
Second Saturday in May each year!
And Why shouldn't we have a day for Dams? - Mother Dogs!
I think it is a must. An absolute!-They are  special.
So all you sons and daughters of biches and ye Sires  get busy and honor your Dam!  For more information watch this space! or send e.mail click here   For a word about canine life way fulfillment Click here.
We suggest that   dog breeders  give one of their retired Dams away to a needy family Give a Dam!
We shall have lots of Dam good Ideas here for your celebration- you have any? let us know!

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Give a Dam-

This is much more than a play on words! When I was shopping for a pup a while back I often was asked by breeders "but wouldn't you like to adopt our older female dog who can no longer have puppies". Not being a breeder I was not used to the process of putting out a loved dog but it seems that this is common practice as breeders must understandably, change dogs to stay in business.

When I set up International Dam Day it occurred to me that it would be a good focus
for people who wish to find new homes for their old Dams. .  Hopefully we will inspire you to find new homes for old Dams-Dam good!

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Canine Life way Fulfillment

Mothering is an important part of the life span of any animal human or otherwise. Today in the rush to spay and neuter we forget about life way fulfillment. As a breeder I have seen how my dogs have changed as they have created and nurtured
litters. Dam's seem to have a particular sweet and nurturing quality that only develops after being in whelp. Sires too seem to be fulfilled after breeding. I thought I would take a moment to encourage those owning Bitches to allow them to become Dams so that they can lead a full life. There are both physical and emotional changes which take place. You should however, do this with care and responsibility. Needless to say no animal should be forced to breed if this would be a danger. Additionally it is important to provide a healthy and positive future for the pups in good homes where they will have a good life. I am confident however, that there are many good homes out there and that safe birthing experiences can be arranged. Your efforts will make a difference to the life of your animal in many significant ways. Give life and mothering a chance! 

Note- we no longer breed dogs. I would not be in favor of selling dogs. Creating  more dogs should not be done if dogs are available for adoption. Go for adoption first.If you breed always avoid congenital problems. One should also not own more dogs than one can take care of  easily. Always check out a home before you allow adoption. 

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