International Adopt a Concrete Pet or
Wild Thing or Gnome
Ok Any form of Concrete Being DAY!
 August 7 Each Year!

These things were once loved and are filled with blessings. They need a little care but they will create smiles and warm feelings when they are saved! Keep them from the Dump, the Recycling Center and the concrete agrigate grinders! Give them life and spread the joy! Here a few of the ones I have rescued! You will find them in the yards of senior citizens who can not take them with them and must sell their property to uncaring individuals. You will find them at the local recycling center where they wont be recycled into art and re used- but await the crusher. Simply dry them out, brush off loose bits, wash and dry again. Seal with concrete sealer and paint as desired. Display on blocks where they will not be in contact with the wet as they will like to wick up water.
Easy as that.
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Make the world a much better place- adopt a concrete being today! You will be rewarded a million fold as will anyone who walks past.
Take this day to make a special effort. Spruce up your concrete, remove vegitation, clean them off. Help a neighbor with theirs. Do a special search for the missing, abused and neglected! The happyness and Joy rests with you. Go for it immediately!

Here are some of our rescues!

Goose being restored....not difficult....
Almost done! new Life!
Bull needs work just rescued!
burro given a home on the BBQ
antique burro a la accropolis!

Neptune needed a new head!
This poor adopted boy is awaiting foot and leg reconstruction and a good paint job.
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