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A Guide to the Traditional Irish Wake
"In Ireland the sleep which knows no waking is always followed by the Wake which knows no  sleeping"-trad.

The journey that begins with death (in Irish Gaelic: Bás) has many travelers only one of whom is the corpse itself. Death leaves a strange void within a community and it is by way of the wake that the living close up that wound.     How can any people hope to survive without the healing power of the wake? 
How can one live on when one knows that there will not be the guarantee of the traditional send off which has eased countless past generations as they have traveled, all be it for a short while, with death and with the corpses which have appeared amongst them. This publication describes the traditional Irish wake so that we might all re-discover how to journey safely with death and knit up our community safely in its wake. Tape bound, 91  pages.  New Second edition!

Sure now....that's well and good, but don't you know that life without a grand Irish wake now and then is as dry and as tough as an old dry bone? To be sure a good party now and again is a grand thing.  It's not hard to tell all the grief we would suffer if it were not for death!

A treasury of the Traditions of the Irish Wake.

Divination-Who will die and when?, What is a Wake, Keening and Crying, Preparations and Requirements, Setting Up the Wake House, Watching the Body, Visiting the Corpse, Historical Accounts of Wakes-What are they like?, Interference of the Clergy and Government, Food and Drink for Wakes, Recipies for Food and for Drink, The Whiskey and Drink, Music and Songs  for Wakes, Storytelling and Recitation, Wake Games and Amusements all assembled with the hope that all will be able to receive a proper send off in their journey to that other shore. "To Die and to loose one's life are much the same thing...."and many other traditional sayings.  Learn to play the game "Stealing the Goats" or "Building the Ship". Even a few good Irish Wake jokes!  "God never closes one door but he opens another!"-One of the doors he opens is via the Traditional Wake. This book will help you be prepared when the time comes.

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