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Communication Tools 
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Never Let your questions go unanswered!
There are many modes of communication.

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Communication Tools
It is important for us to maximize the use of the Internet in keeping in touch
throughout this course.  I hope you will make use of the wide range of tools that
have been provided here. Don`t be shy!
Send Me e.mail Meet each other in the chat room Send everyone mail via the listserve
Put Your question on the guestbook Assignments How you can use these tools on your own pages.

Please  do not let your questions go unanswered.
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Keeping in Touch!
I hope that my students will work together to share information. Who knows perhaps
someone in the class has been there and done that and can help you out. By staying
in touch we can pool our resources and get those questions answered. I have provided
a guestbook, a listserve, and a chat room that we can all use to stay in touch-even after
the class is over- perhaps we can meet sometime in an internet cafe and share experiences!

Guestbook- Write your questions in the guestbook and I will try to post an answer. Check
                    the guestbook for quick class anouncements or answers to questions raised
                    in class.Sign Our GuestbookGuestbook by GuestWorldView Our  Guestbook

Chat Room-Perhaps we can all arrange to meet in the chatroom to go over course material
                    or answer questions. Meet your fellow students there. Click to enter Chat

Listserve/E.mail List: An e.mail list is a computer program which sends all the e.mails it
                                     receives to everyone on the list of addresses. This is a good way to
                                     contact everyone by just sending one e.mail. There are two addresses
                                     to remember- the address for the whole list and the address to
                                     communicate with the computer- to add your e.mail etc. All will be
                                     explained when you join the list. You do this by sending me an e.mail
                                     asking me to add you to the list -include your e.mail address in the
                                     message. click here to request to be added to the list. Once you have
                                      joined the list you send e.mail to: paupie@onelist.com to reach
                                      everyone on the list.

How you can use these tools on your own pages.

It is easy to place a free communication service- a guestbook, listserve, counter, web based chat
room on your own web page. First go to the page of a provider of communicaiton services. Then fill out the necessary forms. When you complete the process the provider will show you a piece of html code to paste into your web page. You simply click on this with the left mouse button and drag down. When it is all highlighted let up the mouse button and type in control key and c at the same time. Minimize your web browser and bring up your web page document. You can do this in a text editor or in a web page editor. If using a WYSIWWG editor select edit and then edit html. Place the cursor at the point in the code where you want the selection to be and type control key and v at the same time. The code will be pasted in.

Most free communications service providers will give you a pass word and login. Be sure to write these down somewhere save. Record all important information.

It is very important to keep track of guestbooks and listserves and other utilities once you have set them up. Stop in and read your messages and edit your guestbook entries.  It is often a good idea to print out a copy of your guestbook entries from time to time.
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For Web based chat click here


Here are some guestbook sources. If these links do not do the trick search Yahoo.
LPage: Free Remotely Hosted Guestbook
Dreambook: Free Remotely Hosted Guestbook

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Free E.mail List Providers

  • CoolList - provides free web-based mailing lists.
  • EarthMail - Free, email delivery of audio news, chosen by the listener; news about high tech, chat room, games, sex, the World, delivered via email every morning.
  • eGroups.com - offers free e-mail groups for everyone.
  • eScribe - searchable mailing list archive.
  • Guide to Internet Mailing Lists - A by subject guide to email discussion groups with description and subscription info for off-line searching. The guide can be updated with update files.
  • ListQuest - hosts free searchable archives for mailing lists and discussion forms. Topics cover vehicles, photography, computers, databases, gardening etc.
  • Listserver Do's and Don'ts - how to avoid being flamed on mailing lists.
  • listTool.com - automates the process of subscribing, unsubscribing and sending commands to mailing and discussion lists.
  • MailBits
  • Onelist - allows people to easily create, maintain and subscribe to mailing lists. And the service is completely free.
  • Topica - offers a searchable email list directory and a service that allows users to find, subscribe, manage and create email lists.
  • Universal List Unsubscription Service - Allows you to quickly and painlessly unsubscribe from one (or several) internet mailing list(s).
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    Web Page Based Chat Rooms

    Check out http://www.xoom.com

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    Arrange to meet a fellow classmate in our chat room.
    If you have a web page try installing a free guestbook.
    Put a note into our class guest book.
    Join our e.mail list and send a message to everyone.

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