The True Story of Joseph Young of Africa (c. 1949)

          A place for your contributions! This is a group effort! There are lots of questions and issues.
                   The editors are looking for primary information please reference any  factual material as best you can.-
Here are but a few of the many questions relating to this important movie:

-What do you think about the practice of major movie houses to substantially alter  "re-makes"
 of well known films to the extent that little if any continuity exists between the historic original
 film and a later film by the same name?  When is a "remake" a new movie?  Should there be limits imposed upon creativity as it
 pursues wealth?  Could movies marketed under the titles of other movies be considered false  advertising?

Who played  the children rescued by Joe from the burning orphanage?

What was the name of the orphanage? (It is on a sign above the door but hard to read))

What are the years and makes of the automobiles involved?

 Where can we find a detailed history or screenplay of the film?

Where was the movie filmed?- any real locations?

Is the Swahili used in the opening scenes real? If so what is its translation in

Is the "lingo" of the Hobo Polish? If so what is its translation?

Where is "Joe" now? -the models? (lions too?)

......the list is limited only by your interest! Let us here from you!

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