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Irish Culture -the sessions-Irish Teatime Each Session (where possible- extra fee!)
This class is also done in 10 sessions in which case
each of the below is covered in two sessions rather than one.
Session 1  The Emerald Isle itself:  Geography/ Lecture notes click here

Session 2  Irish  Art:  /Gaelic: First Gaelic lesson!  Key to the Irish mind. How to read Spirals. click here

Session 3  Literature:Myths,Monks,Maidens and madmen. For Lecture Notes including passages discussed click here

Session 4  Music- the Soul of the Irish. Lecture notes 1 click here  1a click here  1b click here  1c click here (Main)  Lecture notes 2 click here  Lecture notes 3 click here for class notes Lecture notes   4 click  here  Lecture notes 5 click here  

Session 5  You are invited out to an Irish Pub for your final exam!  History,Sport, Village Life,
                   Folktales .  Enter the Culture!!!


Misc. Course Components/Instructions/Directions

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Lesson Bibliographies 

But surely you will need a tune for all that reading! The Unicorn Song-midi

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Irish Maryland  & Ireland in America
A soothing tune for you now! Eamonn an Chniuic midi 

As a general rule and in relation to Irish American activities this is a very important rule-Be sure that you know where the money you donate ends up. Funds tossed into a box or a hat may be heading to fund violence. Ask a few questions first. There are many good organizations which do not support violence in any way. I hope you will patronize the many fine Irish Organizations of Maryland. Go out to a few events and report back in. Let us all know! (these links and numbers are updated from time to time as time permits. We are sorry if they need updating- if this is the case let me know-click to send e.mail. 

Baltimore Irish Hotline

Irish Tourism: Republic(South): 1-800-223-6470   Province (North)-1-800-326-0036
                         (tip-when calling tourist boards be specific-exactly where, when, what....)

Tourism Periodical: Ireland of the Welcomes.,P.O.Box 84 Limerick,Ireland. 1-800-726-3663.

Irish Products-Imports: Irish Trade Board- 1800-BUYIREL who sells what where in the
                                           ; USA. Ask for their guide to shops.

Irish Books: Ford and Bailie,P.O.Box 138 Belmont Ma. 02178-(Celtic Studies/Gaelic)
                      Dufour Editions Inc. P.O. Box 7 Chester Springs Pa. 1800-869-5677

Irish Books and Media Inc  1433 Franklin Ave. East,Minneapolis,MN

Irish/Celtic Recordings:(write or call for free catalogs-some sell instruments)

House of Musical Traditions,7040 Carroll Ave. Takoma Park Md. 20912.

Elderly Instruments:1100 N.Washington.PO Box. 1421 DL Lansing,Mi.48901

Devine Celtic Sounds,PO Box 5983 Glendale AZ. 85312

Green Linnet Records,43 Beaver Brook Rd. Danbury Ct.06810

Shanachie,PO Box 208 Newton.NJ  07860 1-800-497-1043

Rego Records-64 New Hyde Park Rd. Garden City NY 11530 1-800-854- 3746

Andys Front Hall-PO Box 307 Wormer Rd. Voorheesville, NY

Folkways:414 Hungerford Dr. S 12186, 1-800-759-1775*
Suite 444 Rockville Md. 20850

Rounder Records:One Camp St. Cambridge,Mass.02140

Claddagh Records:Dame House, Dame St. Dublin 2 Ireland

Clip Art:  Dover Publications,31 East 2nd St.,Mineola,NY 11501.

Music Periodical: Dirty Linen.,P.O. Box 66600 Baltimore,Md. 21239-6600  phone-410-583-7973

Irish Newspaper:The Irish Echo- 309 5th Ave,NY,NY 10016

Genealogy: Irish Genealogical Society,21 Hanson Ave. Somberville,Ma. 02143

The Embassy of Ireland
2234 Massachusetts Ave.
Washington.D.C. 20008
(202) 462-3939
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