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1. WARM-UP: Who was the "leader" of the plot 2?

 Guy Fawkes
Henry Garnet
Robert Catesby
Prince Henry

2. In which year was Guy Fawkes discovered?


3. Who received the letter which revealed the plot?

 Thomas Bates
Father Robert Parsons
Lord Mounteagle
Sir William Waad

4.Who heard Catesby's confession first?.

 Father Oswald Tesimond
Father Everard
Father Gerard
Father Henry Garnet

5. When Father Garnet suspected that Catesby was about to carry out a dangerous treason and plot against the government involving the deaths of innocents he:

 Arranged to have Catesby Murdered
Had Catesby excommunicated
Sent word to the pope to determine if murder and treason were legal.
Turned Catesby over to the authorities. 2

 6. Which woman was a close friend of Father Garnet who helped him to continue his unlawful work as a priest and Jesuit in England?

 Princess Elizabeth
Anne Vaux
Clara Keyes
Maude Smith

7. Where was the shoot out which ended the attempted rising in the Midlands following the discovery of Fawkes and the Plot?

 Ashby St. Ledgers
Hewell Grange
Holbeach House

 8. What was a "Pursuivant"?

 A Member of a Monastic Order
A Person who was given power to arrest priests
A man who wrote letters for the court
a Street Sweeper

9. Some think that _________contrived the plot to arrest Catholic Gentlemen.

 Robert Cecil
Ambrose Rookwood
Sir Edward Philips
Sir Edward Coke

 10.Who was the craftsman responsible for constructing the effective priest "holes" which saved the priests and Jesuits?:

Humphry Littletown
Thomas Tresham
Henry Bromley
Nicholas Owen


Henry Garnet's Essay Questions!

QUESTION 1 Write a summary of the major stages of the gunpowder plot. You must have at least 6 significant events in their proper chronological order.

 QUESTION 2 Why did the Government of England feel justified in its persecution of its Catholic Citizens? Cite Historical events supporting the government's position.

QUESTION 3 What aspects of the plot give rise to the belief that the Government created the plot or at least let it continue to capture and eliminate Catholic men of importance who through their loyalty to the Pope presented a danger to the state.

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