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Find These Words
Gunpowder Robert Keyes Thomas Winter Catholic Guido
Fawkes Lord Mounteagle John Grant Jack Wright Lewes Sussex
Robert Catesby Thomas Knevett Jesuit Christopher Wright Equivocation
Parliament Fireworks Terrorism Francis Tresham Seal of Confessional
Remember Bonfire Holbeach Anne Of Denmark Little John
Fifth of November Parkin Midlands Prince Henry Priest Hide
Plot Toffee Popes Day Ashby St. Ledgers Father Tesimund
Treason Sir Edward Coke Princess Elizabeth Warwick Recusant
Henry Garnet Thomas Percy Charles Hagley Father Gerard
James I Cellar Counter Reformation Coughton Essex Rebellion
The Kings Book Robert Cecil William Waad Everard Digby Tower of London
Ambrose Rookwood Robert Winter Protestant Anne Vaux Thomas Bates

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