The  Army of King William III  At the Boyne
Friedrich Herman Duke of Schomberg:Captain General of the Army

Meinhard Count Schomberg- Overall command of Cavalry

Count of tSolms-Braunfels- Commander of infantry regiments.

Four Divisions

Vangard= Lieutenant-General James Douglas

Right Wing= Major-General Percy Kirk

Left Wing= Count of Solms-Braunfels and Lord Oxford

Main Body= William III/Duke of Schomberg/Heer van’s Gravemoor

Official size of army=
9,300 Horse
34,560 foot
(many were on garrison duty)

A  few days after the Boyne 35,000 men both horse and foot

Dutch Troops
9 regiments Dutch horse:
 1. William’s own horse guards (150)
 2. Bentinck’s Regiment=352
 (Below at an average of 175 men each)
 3. Ginkel’s Regiment
 4. Monopvillan’s Regiment
 5. Scholk’s Regiment
 6. Van Oyen’s Regiment
 7. Reidessels’ Regiment
 8. Bancour’s    Regiment
 9.Nyenbuys’  Regiment

Dutch Dragoons (crack regiment) 611 men
Commander=Co lonel Eppinger.

Dutch Infantry

Dutch Blue Guards
Three Battalions plus two c ompanies of cadets
Total= 2,000 men

Five other Dutch Regiments (490-650  men each est.)

1 Regiment of  Brandenburgers

Danish corps
Three horse Regiments and eight foot regiments.
Commanded by: Wurtemberg-Neustadt

French Troops:
3 French Foot regiments (Huguenots mainly with French Catholics)
Colonel Cambron
Cononel Caillimote
Colonel La Melloniere
Two French Horse Regiments commanded by The Duke of Schomberg and
his son Meinhard

English and Colonial Regiments:
(one third of the army 13,315 men)
2 troops Horse Guards 140 men each
Eight other Horse Regiments one of which was=
Colonel Wolseley’s Enniskillen horse


Royal Regiment of Dragoons
Commander= Colonel Matthews’
(average= more than 260)

English  Dragoon Regiment

English  Dragoon Regiment
Commander =Gwynn

English  Dragoon Regiment
Sir Albert Cunningham

(average 260   men each)

23 foot regiments:
Gustavus Hamilton’s Enniskilleners+
contingents from:
Derry,Newtown Butler and Belfast
Commanded by:
Lords Meath, lisburn and Drogheda .

36 field guns( demi-culverin,six-12 pound balls, several 24 pounders some
19 pounders,half carronades and howitzers/mortars,three pounder “drakes”.
Muskets and  Flintlocks
The general weapon was a musket fired by a match lock with a three foot six in ch l ong barrel weighing eleven pounds two ounces with a 3/4 inch pore  and a shot of just over one ounce.
Flintlocks were used however they were generally found in the form of handguns
their mechanisms being more expensive. Only the Danish  foot were  completely fitted
out with flintlocks.
16 feet long with a heavy iron head.  Used for repelling and carried
with the musket. The pike was rare in William’s army.
Most were cheaply made and would break- the musket was used as a club.
Danish  forces had adopted it but not the English
William’s a rmy was better clothed but there was no standard uniform. Some
uniforms  almost matched those of the enemy creating  confusion. A sprig
of Green was worn to help identify Williams’ forces.

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