Troops of JamesII
Total Numbers=
25,000 troops
cavalry=1,500 men 800 dragoons
The Duke of Berwick Earl of Tynemouth Baron Bosworth (son of JamesII)
Earl of  Tyrconnell ("fighting Dick Talbot" aka. "the ass")
Patrick Sarsfield
Comte de Lauzun
Marquis Lery de Girardin (commander of French Cavalry)
Lord Iveagh
Lieutenant-General Richard Hamilton (command of foot at Oldbridge)
Lieutenant-General Dominick  Sheldon-(overall command of cavalry)
Neil O'Neill
Henry O'Neill
Sir Charles Carney
Major-General John Wauchope
Major General Thomas Maxwell
Major General Anthony
Major General John Hamilton
Major-General Alexander Rainier
Marquis de Boisseleau
Henry Jeermyn Viscount Dover
Brigadier William Dorrington (commanded Royal Regiment of Foot)
Marquis d'Hoquincourt-(commander  Irish foot)
Alexander MacDonell Third earl of Antrim
Pierce  Butler third Viscount  Galmoy
Oliver O'Gara
Marguis de la Hog uette
Conrad von Zurlauben's Blue Regiment-two battalions, German and Swiss.
        (had been taken prisoners by the  French and allowed  freedom if they agreed to serve in the army)
Brion's Regiment
Tirlon's Regiment
Chemerault's Regiment
Bouilly's Regiment

Sarsfield's Horse
Galmoy's  Foot
Lord Antrim's Foot
Henry Fitzjames,Lord Grand Prior's Regiment
Tryconnell's Horse
Colonel Hugh Sutherland's regiment (horse)
Colonel John Parker's Regiment(horse)
Galmoy's Horse
Henry Luttrell's Horse
Neil O'Neill's Dragoon Regiment
Earl of Clanricarde's Regiment
King  James' Horse Guards
Nicholas  Purcell's regiment of horse
Nicholas Brown's foot regiment
Lord Walter Dongan's Dragoon Regiment
Daniel O' Brien (third Viscount Clare)Dragoon Regiment
Royal Regiment of Foot (22 companies 90 men each)
Irish Foot-
Oliver O'Gara's  Infantry regiment
Robert Clifford's Dragoon Regiment
Francis Carroll's Dragoon Regiment
Thomas Maxwell's Dragoon Regiment
Standard weapon of Irish foot was a  scythe
Others had an  iron tipped staff
Others had sticks with sharpend points

A dozen  cannons mostly 6 pounders one 18 pounder one 24 pounder
and a few mortars.
Lack of  powder or shot.

Sea Power
French Fleet of Admiral the Comte de Tourville (never took part)
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