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Conrad Jay Bladey
Visionary Artist

Greetings! Welcome to my fact sheet.

As a visionary artist I am dedicated primarily to the promotion and illustration of my ideas and ideals. I believe that the cultural reality of art is of immense importance. Social functions must always come before any consideration of commerce.  Art must be set within cultural celebration and good times. Art is nothing without sharing, breaking bread, hospitality and participation. My first priority is the promotion of art as a life way. I encourage art creation rather than art veneration. I live within my artistic environment, drive artcars daily. I am always on show. I am my own parade and wherever I go I encourage others to join in with my visions and bring art into their own lives. I am a willing volunteer where this is possible.  While I prefer to remain within the visionary realm this is not always possible. I will consider participation in commercial events but only as a commercial partner. If some are making money no one should have to volunteer. Someday events will evolve so that everyone can volunteer but so many have not partaken of that vision yet. As a result of this state of affairs I have posted guidelines for funding levels below. Everything is negotiable but I find that guidelines are helpful. I thank you for stopping in today. Please explore this page by using the menu at the right.





 Folk Environments,
Horn Hats,
Art Clothes,
 Art Hats,
 Innovative Materials,
Event Development,
Event Participation
Current Projects

Links with images of my work





Folk Environment:

402 Nancy Ave. Linthicum Md 21090-

1. Reality Changer- discarded weight scale mechanism helps viewer change reality.

2. Plate Bird- Abstract sculpture, Cast Iron Piano plate fragment.

3. Wald Klavier- Functioning Stringed Piano Plate set in concrete with strings and sports trophies depicting the triumph of arts over sport, cymbal.

4. Leg Planter: Large Doll Leg in stainless steel planter.

5. Flamingos Across the Sky: Flamingos on wire with flowers in flight.

6. Sandbox Keyboard/Foot Gate: Gate leading to driveway entrance decorated with computer keyboards and two large sandboxes in the shape of bug and frog (outer), doll legs set in spray foam, inner.

7. Flamingo Vine Garden- Plastic Flamingos set in flock on 10 foot metal conduit over grape arbor.

8. Assorted Gnomes-Concrete, stone and wood representations.

9. Bowling Ball Fruit Fall- Assorted bowling balls arranged as fruit on the ground under dogwood tree garden.

Would you like assistance in designing an environment? Let me know what you are thinking of. e.mail: click here


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Art Clothes:

1. Hand Suit: Raincoat, Overalls, Shirt, Hand Mace of Office- Painted hand impressions to go with Handy Car.

2. CD Coat- Suit coat covered with CDs to go with magnet truck

3. Sticker Coat- Suit coat covered with bumper stickers to go with Sticker Cars

4. Pollack Coat- Raincoat painted in the style of Jackson Pollack.

I find that art clothing makes the artistic experience complete. Would you like some help with designing art clothes? e.mail: click here

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Art Hats:

1. Shell Helmet-helmet covered in found sea shells.

2. Magnet Hat- metal cooking pot covered with magnets

3. Hand Hat- Helmet with hand projecting from top with beadwork.

4. Sticker Helmet- Helmet covered with bumper stickers.

5.Dot Hat- Helmet covered with portions of fun noodles, sequins, glitter.

Art hats make great projects. Let me help you design one! click here to e.mail me.


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Horn Hats: Helmets Modified by the addition of Brass horns which are playable by wearer. These include: Horn Hat 1-French Horn and Helmet. Horn Hat 2- Bombay taxi horn modified with mouthpiece and velvet fabric. Big Blow and the Bushwacker Hats: 6 hats commissioned by the band Big Blow and the Bushwackers for performance. Trombones Converted into hats with foam, buttons and fabric.

There is a lot of potential in the world of horn hats. I would like to put together a horn hat band. If you are interested in this or just in making your own hat give me an e.mail click here.

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Sticker Car 1: 1978 Dodge Omni and Visionary covering of Bumper stickers. (R.I.P.)

Headhunter Heaven and Sticker Car II: 1990 Dodge Shadow and Visionary covering of Bumper Stickers with Sports Trophies.(R.I.P.)

Party Car: /Someday the Frogs Will Inherit the Earth 1966 Pontiac Catalina with painted vision derived from the work of Jackson Polack.

Magnet Truck/Blasscapelle: 1993 GMC Truck. Vision: Someday We will be Remembered Only by the Faces of our Dolls. and Car Horns should be Natural Horns. 16 Playable Brass instruments, Magnets, Doll Heads.

The Epicentral Shrine of the Helping Hand Vehicular: Vision= Never Estimate the power of the helping hand. Paint, Foam Insulation, Three Dimensional hands, Rhinestones, Mirrors, Aluminum Foil, Fountain, Speakers. Display Cloth, Trumpet. Buttons.(See Illustration top of this page) Won first prize in the most important artcar show (juried)  The Orange Show Houston 2005.

I would be glad to bring an artcar or several to your event. I have also had great success in arranging for artcars to be created at events. Interested? I am always glad to help with your artcar creation questions. Contact me for details click to e.mail.

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Event Participation: Artscape-Baltimore (10 years), The Orange Show Artcar (2002/03) Parade-Houston,Texas, Charles Village Parade (8 years)- Baltimore, Maryland; Convergence: Providence Rhode Island, Art Car Show, Gumboro,Delaware, Art Car Show: Arts Alliance Newark Delaware 3 years, CARS Artcar Show- Columbus Ohio,, Summerfest- Caroline County Maryland. Art Carz Show- Montclair,N.J., Labor Day Parade: South Plainfield, N.J., Artcar Workshops: The Park School, 2 events, Baltimore Md.; Port Discovery, Baltimore, Md., First Night, Annapolis,;American Visionary Art Museum Baltimore Fourth of July Show. Sowebo Festival, Baltimore, MD.

If you want me to attend your event-

A few event guidelines. I am a visionary artist. The cultural setting for my participation is extremely important.

1. Hospitality- Food, drink, good times, admission to event should be provided. I generally  travel with my family-daughter and wife. We can not afford out of pocket expenses. For us there is a great difference between a cultural event where everyone breaks bread and a commercial one where everyone might as well be sitting in front of a cash register. We will still negotiate but the cost to you will be much higher.

2. We will never pay to attend any event. It is insulting for anyone to ask us to help them make money while at the same time charging us money.

3. Volunteer Philosophy: Ideally it is best that when we are asked to volunteer everyone else is also volunteering. We find this a fair relationship. We would much rather things be that way. If people are making money at the event it is only fair to share that money with all participants. We will do local benefits but, if we feel that the event takes us out of our normal everyday travel compensation for inconvenience will be required.   Additional cars will generally be available but at a cost of somewhere around....$100.00 per car per event minimum.

4. Costs for long term distant events....:  All fees are negotiable but as a general guideline-
1. $100.00 appearance fee per car minimum. Funds go strictly to event costs materials and maintenance costs.
2. Meals, lodging, travel costs, admissions fees, hospitality must be provided without other fees being applied.
3. Publicity and Organization- consideration in the fee structure will be made for these aspects of the event.
4. Participation in symposia and workshops- considered separately.

Let us discuss your plans. The more input we have the more economical it will be for you. click here to email me.

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Publications: Included in: Harrod Blank, Artcars, Dan Rodricks, Baltimore, Baltimore Magazine, Baltimore Sun Articles, Maryland Public Television Reports, The Dan Rodricks Show We were featured in episode 11 of Monster Nation! Also on Voice of America Television and George Foreman's Houston.

I have done many projects. Some great video projects have been done as part of college course requirements. I am always glad to assist with any publication, or recording. Generally all we ask is a copy of the video or publication for our use.  We encourage your creativity. Are you having trouble getting publicity? Over the years I have been quite successful in this area. Click here to talk about your ideas and plans.

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Innovations: Inventor of: Car Dots (magnetic decorations for artcars made from fun noodles), Mosaic Magnet Shapes, Art Platzits (Decorative Coverings for Parking Space lines), Large Sculpture magnets for cars. First use of large magnets for functioning car application. First use of Art Platzets to decorate street lines and cross walks, inventor of the "Horn Hat" (brass horns mounted on helmets which can be played by wearer). Development of Standards for Artcar shows and presentations. Creater of the first Artcar e.mail list serve. First Brass instruments on vehicle designed to be played while driving.

We are always looking for new markets for our products and new ideas. Click to find out what we can do.

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Current Projects: Ongoing perfection of existing artcars, public appearances at festivals and shows as is appropriate within a visionary context. Available for horn hat design and construction, audiovisual presentations and workshops providing that the visionary context is maintained. Available for the development of artcar events and public relations within the visionary context.

Stop in and see us or request a powerpoint presentation of our work click here.

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Event Development
I have been honored to have been consulted for the creation of many artcar events throughout the country. These events have been very successful. I will be happy to help you create an artcar event designed to please both sponsors and artcar artists. Click here to get started.

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Links With Further documentation and images of my work

Hutman Artcars click here
Art Environment click here
My other work and main page click here

Contact: e.mail:, Phone: 410-789-0930, Postal: 402 Nancy Ave. Linthicum, Md. 21090

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