Stickercar II R.I.P. While cleaning the carburetor the solvent ignited and the car burned right up.....Watch for a new car soon with the sticker motif.

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What will the neighbors say?
Nothing! - Isn't that what they usually say? Just Create  your  artcar and live!-Click to read more on this topic!
Putting the First sticker on Stickercar  II Fall 1997 
Other expressions followed- 
Report a Mugging, In the Folk, Solve Prince George's County, museum, Not, Husk, eat Bert, Huskie, Ton, A Prince, Rebel, Eat Less, A Redrug Lert, Keep Men Real, Must eat tha beer, Mussel Bertha, Be Smuggling,Beat Bless us All, Live for the week, As long as there are tests there will be Drug Smuggling, Report Schools, Eat the SAT, I'm a child, Bleat, Use the Smart Mussel, Be-Ale, The Right Tradition, Deport Schaffer, Smile Military, Bet the Sale, Sell Bertha,Eat Bertha's Bust, Mary Land, Art, The Master User, Remember the Smells at Sea, Folk the Nation, Eat Mum, Be the Muse, Don't Cry for Me NextDoorNeighbor, The only thing we overlook is Baltimore, Future National, I grow smart, Air Your Future, National Society Space, Don't our dogs Bite, I've got High up Friends, Keep friends beautiful, Bet the sale, Pub Alert, Mata Kats, Walla the right, Males Earth Bus, Burt Bless us all, I want prankness, Future National.......
Those are the  compositions - there are many stickers which have been used as is....

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Sticker Expressions/Images-
TheCar is a Literary work! Did someone say "Art"? 

My work with artcars started long before I heard of what has now become "a movement". The original stickercar evolved as Sticker II has done from one purpose to another. All of the cars are ordinary driving, functional vehicles. Here are some of the expressions on the car- below you will find a link to images. One day someone told me that he thought what I had done was "art". I did not object!

Sticker Car II is re-named- It is now....
Headhunter Heaven and Sticker Car II
Yes folks we got out the sealant and made good use of a donated collection of sports trophies  to give Stickercar II a new dimension. Click here to enter Headhunter heaven!!!!!!!!!

The Interactive Side!
When we go to festivals we ask visitors to take a piece of paper and write down sticker expressions . They then fold the composition up and put it in a box. The next visitor takes one from the box and goes to another part of the festival to read it to another - great interaction and also good for students to learn about composition.

Sticker Stickers-
We also make stickers with the word "Sticker" on them in different fonts. We then put the stickers on visitors who walk around with them. Others see the stickers and ask where the car is!

Plain Cars are really not good!!-for Anyone!