This web page documents Hutman Artcars recent innovations using hubcap spinners! These are inexpensive hubcaps-not the spinning hubs which are far more expensive. The spinner hubcap is attached on the truck with liquid nails. This dried for a while and is supplemented with spray foam insulation for support and to allow us to drive sooner. These are designed to spin at high speeds and really take off even when decorated.  We have added a variety of toppings! Enjoy! How to install spinners? Just clickit here 2004-2005 Linthicum, Baltimore, Md.

Top of Truck hood front right....

Spinners look best in pairs imho.....

Bowling for mondrian spinner. The foam will soon be covered with painted tiles.....location is top of roof driver's side


Detail of driver's side spinner Bowling for mondrian.

Broader location shown for passenger side spinner Bowling for Mondrian

Detail of spinner passenger side. The round green things are mirrors reflecting trees. Jewels are placed on the spinner and under it. Foam will eventually be covered with painted tiles....

Truck spinner mounted over a stroller bike like wheel

Detail of spinner over bike like wheel

Passenger side spinner Handy Car

Drivers side spinner handy car


Passenger side spinner handy car

Drivers side spinner handy car


How to Install Spinners

How are they attached? Actually it is extremely easy. I spread a layer
of maybe 1/2 inch of liquid nails on the surface. I let that set for
maybe 15 minutes. I then place the spinner hubcap on the liquid nails
and press in. I wait maybe two hours -doesn't really matter. I next use
plenty of foam and foam up the lower portion that is the portion that
attaches to the wheel. Lots of nooks and crannies for the foam to
anchor into. This takes maybe 3 hours or less on a hot day to set up
and surely done over night. For gluing on I use marine goop-
remembering that this is basically a contact cement. I use a good
amount to sort of embed the object a bit-let it try maybe 15 minutes
on a cool day probably less on hot day before attaching and still tape
in place for say two hours maybe less. Goop can be very slippery until
it sets up. I have had Barbie heads spinning round on each of the
spokes of the things for about a year now- no problem.

For attaching the hubcaps on the bicycle wheel I first applied blobs
of liquid nails at the quarter round spots then wired the hubcap
spinner to the bike wheel and then foamed in between...works great.

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