The Soul Car!
Due to increasing maintenance issues the Soul Car was sold in 21012 it lives on here in memory.
Car last seen on the way out.....

Front Sign

Scroll down to see progress. Most recent at the beginning with early images at the middle..

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July 7, 2007

Rear End Repair re-do June 2008

Addition of the Skip Booth Shoe Collection June 20088

Detailed view





Note shoe design on side is "Helbender" Maryland's large salamander done in Australian style




After partial repaint of hood "State of the State of Maryland" 7/7/07

Teeth! 7/7/07



Hood ornament "Male Female"-Men's shoe front woman's back


"Jesus Christ came to save our Soles"

"Walk Barefoot and reduce your carbon footprint"


The Sole Savior back  center


Sole skirt added May 17/07

Driver's side May 17/07

High Heeled Bumper May 17/07

Front Bumper Prop May 17/07

Front May 17/07

Rear Sole fan May 7/07

Why and What

Once a 1965 Dodge Coronet Four Door. Now an Artcar!

-Why did you do it?

Because one of my Artcars died and I needed another (I will never drive plain cars...ever!) Ok I admit it....I am a visionary artist and am obsessed with my visions and need to get them rolling around on cars and nothing will stop me.....not even credit card limits! If you wish to help write me here:

-What does it mean?

What you want it to mean. For me at my age I contemplate more and more the next journey.  What is the state of your soul.'s much more whimsical as well. The word soul has so many meanings and usages. It also sounds like other words so to a certain extent it is a play on words as much as it is a vision of the contemplation of the soul played out through soles themselves- so it is visionary art! I have also always wanted to put cymbals on a car. So be it! 

-And the art technology is?

The goal is to utilize a wide variety of materials and techniques. The primary materials will be shoe soles, brass instruments, foam insulation, liquid nails, goop and paint.
An important aspect of the car is that it has transitional phases built into the design. Soles are hard to find-expensive. So they will take a while to materialize. Phase 1 will be musical instruments, a rooftop cooler- which will double as a roof rack for camping supplies, painted designs with an overlay of painted transponder disks along with the establishment of heaven and hell complete with sole Satan and sole God as well as the So lei . Later the sides will be scaled with shoe soles- no athletic ones! All sizes. I realyl need soles- contact me with your donation. click here. the photos.....more added almost every day so stop back! click for photos.

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Before Pictures
Just scroll down to see progress....

This mirror came from the now dead Mondrian Mobile


Progress Photos

The hood is given an abstract on the spot designed visionary pattern....means something don't know for sure the total message...


Something about rays of the sun or ideas....permeating clutter to get to the earth...


The cooler is essential. I don't like filling up the car with the cooler and it can be used for other storage but primarily it takes up space so we can save foam. Threaded bar held by nuts goes through aluminum uprights


essential materials....



Just don't give him an good clothes...


by night we take the suction cups off of hundreds of transponders....


The colors are just for background. Most of the hood will be covered with transponders....why transponders? because the were cheap and can be glued on and there are thousands of them...


A little more foam a little more paint....


the same from a different angle....

Brass instruments one of my signature concepts in this case duel exhaust trombones playable from the front seat with one mouthpiece.


Molding the foam insulation into the so lei or big sun.....a big huge wok

The shoe butcher cuts the uppers from the soles.....


Soon this will have a face and cross and it will be God! Yup also soles in heaven lots of them some day.....

The so lei or sun in place awaiting high heel soles......


The devil- yes indeed soles in hell too....soon to have a face.


The Solei- Sun made of high heel soles- the gluing on of colorful dots begins


The soul sun-

Transponder dots on trunk

                                  Cymbal end view =the play as the car moves....

                                      Heaven side view- someday filled with souls in heaven for now just god

                                            Another cymbal end view speakers work very well

"State of the state Hood abstract added triangles from deconstructed Marland flag along with streets and house symbols reflecting scars of over development...

State of the state abstract on hood.....

Flashing installed above window for car title....

Dots are all transponders.....due to bad weather painting should be

done again after sanding Front wheelwell panels will get the

first shoe soles- must have a quantity. The will be installed like fish scales up to door seam from hood.


The solei....with red marbles in the center


high heel shoe sole applied first of many to front bumper

Rear block heel soles started on bumper

First horizontal sole applied to hell side

Showing fountain feed hose

Gravity fed fountain in form of shoe shoots fountain 1-2 feet up small jets water comes from cooler on roof.


Addition of front Jet fan prop in progress-May 7/07

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