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On November 26 1999
the Magnet truck carried with it on an Historic test run hundreds o
carshapes wow stuck to its hood. At over 65 m.p.h. in a stron
crosswind over a distance of 5 miles or more, not a shape moved. We announce the birth of a new artcar decorating material-to read on click here!

Carshapes Wow are composed of magnet material stuck to shapes of foam and felt.The shapes are cut by hand and are geometric shapes of different colors. Some shapes are composites made of several colors. Due to the manufacturing process the shapes are not exact but bring to the eye the clever off balance of the traditional crafter. The hood of the magnet truck was almost covered by 400 business-card-sized pieces of magnet material cut into cars hapes wow. With a bit of concentration the shapes can be formed into a mosaic design which is almost seamless. The texture is soft and carpetlike.To learn how you can obtain car shapes wow read onwards below
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CarshapesWow are available by the pound at market prices.We make them to order. As noted above they are cut by hand and are not regular.Shapes included vary as do the colors and materials.To obtain a price quote send an e.mail to us at:
cbladey@verizon.net or click it right here!

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Car Shapes Wow© ® are a creation of Conrad Bladey.