THE PARTY CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!


2012 Our beloved Party Car was Sold due to excessive maintenance costs - it lives on here!

The Partycar Has Changed! Still a Party but a new vision and new name:

Someday the Frogs will Inherit the Earth

For More see its blog:

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Conrad Jay Bladey Artist

Medium= Rustoleum on Bondo and Aged Car finish Parking Space=Rustoleum on aged Asphalt
Car Style: In the Style of Pollack
Parking Space Style= In the style of Teenage Suburban Neighborhood Vandals
First Show="Car Show" Artscape Baltimore 7/96

The Car Runs!!!!400 Engine

Scroll patient! ART is loading!

The Latest incarnation-(c. 2006) The frogs will inherit the earth.

With the artist

Frog on roof


At Artscape many years ago

Conrad Bladey Cartist 2003

Trombone plays from inside

2004, Winter

The Drummer Boy is homeland security!

From an early artscape

The old Texas Chainsaw look

Partycar has its own parking space to match! This is no longer there as the road was resurfaced....
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