The Amazing

Magnet Truck

Perfection of the art of Magnetry!


At this stage the technology of three dimensional magnets had been perfected. They work fine. Also magnets on the bases of toy army men work well too. Ordinary rubber business card magnets were used.

Magnet Truck Blasscapelle Toots Yes....everything on the body of the truck is a magnet! On the cap there are now Three French Horns, Three Trombones, One Tuba, One Bugle three Baritone Horns....and they all can be played from inside the cab as I drive!  These are glued on. The truck has speakers and a magnet which is a fountain!()editors note- 2008-fountain was buried by the growth of the roof...it is now archeology! )  It is now much taller-On top of the cab there is a trombone and a row of Barbies and a Ken waving at the crowd from atop a large sign board. This page is an archival page... To get the current pictures go to the main Magnet truck page click hereas and take the link to the blog.. Scroll down for a tour of the truck!


Yes! The Hood! A visionary piece dedicated to 911:So many innocents to protect so few toy soldiers....


Sousaphone Barbies- Now Barbie Roadrage....pictures to come...

Dada Letter Work

911 Piece-So many innocents to protect so few toy soldiers.

All magnets

Clock on side of cap one each side window


Front piece with more soldiers and heads


No sunblock barbies-a bit red!


The truck as it went to Houston 2003

Soft Serve Girls

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