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Artcars can become the foundation for a multitude of educational experiences.Local Issues ARE Important

Here at Hutman Artcars Local issues in the arts are of great importance.
How can we shape our local art scene to better assist the artcar community with growth and development?
How can we help to share and communicate together to make effective progress happen.
Hutman Artcars has been able to work with a wide range of people and we have accomplished many great things.
If you are planning an event involving artcars in the Baltimore, Maryland area we would like to hear from you.

Watch this page for details concerning areas of local concern.
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Artscape -

We continue to argue for a closer relationship with Artscape, AVAM and the Baltimore Arts Scene. We believe that supporting the Arts is much more than bringing business to city businesses or value to museum collections or sponsorship for large institutions. Support for the arts needs to reach out to all parts of the community. There needs to be a spirit of partnership and inclusion. Simply letting artcars turn up at events is not sufficient. We should find ourselves invited to planning sessions and find a spirit of outreach reaching us from major citywide event coordinators.

You will be surprised what the local cartsts can do to help out if only they are asked and included.  When we all act as a community interacting together we all will find our experiences more rewarding.

How can we accomplish these goals....send me an e.mail cbladey@verizon.net

The blog will try to contain the latest responses to the world around us.


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