Current developments in horn hattery!

The Man with the horn hat also has a hand hat. He is now known as a hornhatter which is a maker of horn hats. He will lead horn hat wearers and players anywhere!
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The horn hatter would like to help you make a horn hat!
How to make or commisssion a horn hat click here. He also wants to form a reliable hornhat band. Click here for the details. (Band members include Don Plehn, Margaret Bladey, Neal)

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In this photo there are two horn hats! they are created from trombones, surplus helmet liners and spray foam insulation. 5 of these including those shown were created for the band Big Blow and the Bushwackers The site is the Charles Village Parade, Baltimore, 2003
Up from the swamps-this is the horn hatter with his Frogs in the Swamp hat...goes with the car-"Someday the Frogs will Inherit the Earth"
The frog horn hat is based on a trumpet-it plays wonderfully. A call of the wild ones...
The Volcano horn hat was made to go with John's Paradise Gurney
Yes that is a trombone bell coming out of the horn hatter's head
Pistachio nut shell hat
The Mondrian hat

Rennaissance turban ha








The Didgerido Hat -walking termite mound

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We keep working on it but it gives one an idea....


The Horn Hatter in action in Louisville Ky


Making or Commissioning a Horn Hat

Making horn hats is not a difficult process. The materials are not hard to come by. The hornhatter will be happy to consult with you to help you to make your horn hat. The process probably can be accomplished in about 4 hours over at least two days with the a third day of drying.

The materials are as follows:
1. Surplus helmet liner. Preferably with strap. Plastic or fiber glass...
2. Used brass instrument or part. I have a source for these cost is around 30.00 to 60.00 depending what is around. Ebay is a good source. Instrument does not have to be fully functional. The bell portion of a trombone is wonderful. Mouthpiece is required.
3. Foam insulation- "Great Stuff" foam insulation. 2-3 cans depending on how it goes.
4. Duck tape
5. Spray paint - any color
6. Decorative items to glue on the hat.
7. Several sizes of plastic tube. One long section and two short. They are needed to step down the diameter from mouthpiece to instrument.
8. Liquid nails heavy duty construction. 2-4 tubes depending on how fancy you want to get.

This should give you an idea of the cost. My consultant fee will vary and can be waved if it is a good experience. 

While horn hats are fun they are not entirely silly. They can play great sounding music if calibrated and tuned properly. I am hoping that someday a band will get serious about making fine music with fine horn hats.

 For information about the potential horn hat band click here.

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The Dream of a Hornhat Band!

I am interested in forming a reliable hornhat band. This will require dedication on the part of the members and each member will have to construct their own horn hat. I am willing to assist the dedicated. Members will be obligated to march with the hornhat man in a few events each year. Not many but I need dedication. If you think you can cope with this.....send me an e.mail by clicking here and we will talk about it.

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