The Grand HornHatter Workshop!

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Horn hat workshops are designed for all ages. Goals for the workshop include:

-Learning how brass instruments work

-Learn how to begin to play a brass instrument.

-Learn about the elements of design and the creative process.

-Experience creativity


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First we read all about how Brass Horns work. It all has to do with sound waves-science can be fun!

Brass music starts with a sound made with your lips- It is funny!

The Music does go round and round and it comes out here! It is fun changing the length of the tube-the sound changes!

The Horn Hats were all ready for us to turn into art. We learned to look into the shape and find something we liked. Then we learned how to use form, shape, color and texture to make our own designs.

Our group decided to wrap the horn hat in strips of color. We tried to get all kinds of color onto the hat but never one pattern next to another.

One group made their hat into a giant Ice Cream- It even had a cherry on the top. It was fun to use our own ideas.

Once we had decorated our hats we were ready to try them out.

I could not believe that I could make a beautiful sound after only a few minutes! My parents were excited-they might just get me a horn to learn to play!

Everyone Loves a parade!

We had a great time learning to play our hats on the beat as we marched. Everyone joined in! Even the adults.

We look forward to playing the horn hats each year in the Children's parade! Someday we will have a whole band of horn hatters.

I can't wait to tell my music teacher. Maybe we can bring them to art class too!

Some people said that we might be on the main band stage next year!

Hornhat workshops can be designed for any audience.

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