The Story of Margaret and 
the Cardotwows!
It all started when Margaret figured out that her car/truck was plain and expressionless.
It did not spread joy in the world but contributed to the gloom. She worried  about neighbors and others too much. One day she freed herself from all of those worries and turned to self expression to help things out. This is her story and the story of one person's way to freedom click for more.


It is a good thing
that Margaret knew all about the little
wonders known as cardotwows! They would help 
her to make the world a better place through the use of
creativity. Margaret learned that she could be free and overcome the scorn and intolerance of senseless and cruel people. 
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The wonderful
cardot wows  have a magnet
which will hold them to the car- Margaret
knew how they worked! She could
put it all together! You can too! It's easy
says Margaret! click to follow the story!

Margaret went out
and got what we call: Artcar in a 
Bag- She started with about 200
cardotwows- but you can make
a good start with about 30!
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Margaret firmly applied the dots
in striking patterns onto the surface
of the truck- its as easy as place
and press- and it is really fun!
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You can make lots of
beautiful shapes with
cardot wows.
People will say 
And they will say it in a positive way too! The world
will be a better place! You 
will also feel better!
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Now Margaret rides in a truck
that makes a creative statement to the
world and the world responds by
saying wow! The world will be a
better place when more folks create 
art cars. Soon we will have Cardotwows
available for everyone and anyone
to freely use to brighten up their cars.
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visit. Please come back soon and bring
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