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Three D Magnetry
Yes you can make a good assemblage car without gluing things down!!
Takes a while to load but hey! this is art!
Our exploration of the possibilities of three d magnetry resulted from a dare - cartists from Houston told me that it could not be done. Well....we did the work and it can indeed be done! We have always used flexible rubber magnet. Foam insulation keeps the magnet light. It is important to move the magnets from time to time or pollutants in the environment deteriorate the rubber and they get permanently attached to the vehicle. There is a lot of potential here. We have attached magnets to the bases of army men and objects as large as a mountain of doll heads. Our sculptures are all tested in high winds and fast driving. We drive at 65 mph or more with all magnets surviving! The use of 3 d magnetry helps those who can not or will not be able to create a permanent artcar. You can dress the vehicle up whenever you want! Best bet is to find a magnet wholesaler in your area. For questions contact us at cbladey@verizon.net.

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